After a few years of steady service, my current NAS (a Synology DS411+II)  is getting old, and is not up to the task anymore of serving the VM’s I run, and while support from Synology is still very good for this productline, I do see the limitations that the hardware platform brings.

Since I am increasingly using my home NAS for lab-use, as this is sometimes required by my customers, I should step up the storage a bit, and the compute as well, when I’m at it.

My new solution will be based around an all-in-one solution for both compute and storage, and we’ll see how this goes. It’s one big experiment, really.


In the series of posts to follow, I will describe the following steps:


1. BOM and reasoning (starts below)

2. Part acquisition

3. Assembly

4. OS install

5. Performance testing

6. Additional setup

BOM and reasoning :

Casing: Silverstone SST-DS308B (Black)

This case gives the option for a nice mount of external and internal drives, 8 external hotswap drives, and 4 internal drives.
Currently I am running a NAS with 4 drives, and learning from professional experience, there is a significant risk in having only 4 drives in a RAID5 setup, as you can only tolerate a single drive failure, which is risky with drives of the same age. One alternative would be to go RAID6 with only 4 drives. This however is effectively the same as running a RAID1, and costs a lot of effective space.

For this reason, I chose a case where I can expand the amount of drives easily, so I can start running RAID6 (or any other erasure coding scheme with dual parity) without losing 50% of my net storage

PSU: Silverstone SFX Gold Series 450W

With the possibility of running 12 drives in total, a sufficiently powerful PSU is needed.

As current disks run at about 15W, the CPU runs up to 35W, and the motherboard runs up to 50W, and the optimal usage of a PSU is between 50 and 85%.

So the total sum I’ve calculated with is 265W expected peak. This leaves me with a design power of between 311W and 530W. The selected PSU offers a good power conversion at 265W, and leaves some space for growth, should I want to add some hardware I had not calculated.

Motherboard: GigaByte GA-H170N-WIFI

CPU: Intel Core i5-6400T

Memory: Crucial CT2K16G4DFD8213

OS Disks + VM Storage: 2x Samsung EVO 250GB

Data Disks: 8x Seagate NAS 4TB


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