Automation & Orchestration

We firmly believe that conventional ICT can be orchestrated and automated a lot better, providing more consistent end-user experiences, and more predictable and reliable services.

While installing a Virtual Machine many tasks are traditionally done manually by an administrator, who makes choices regarding installing security patches, drive mount points, leaving not one machine identical to another. Automating ICT delivers a predicable, reproducible result, because tasks are executed by a computer, according to a set recipe

Orchestration then adds coherence between automated tasks, executing all tasks in the right order and in the right context. This is currently mostly done manually: People make sure two web servers exist, with a load balancer correctly configured to handle the load. Why not let this all be orchestrated? One push of a button builds entire environments and applications.

Aves IT invites you to learn about specific tools for a specific task: CloudBolt is a Cloud Management Portal with extensive self-service for end users and administrators, orchestrating complex environments with a single button. Containers feel great in Kubernetes environments, and we’d love to show Kubernetes to you, where we can supply design, install and training for Kubernetes.

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